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HERNING: 31 older stallions licensed in DWB

The Danish Warmblood stallion licensing with international dressage and jumping competitions is in full swing in Herning. Today, the first stallions have been approved for breeding which also allows them to participate in the show and presentation classes in the coming days

4-year old: Atterupgaards Barcelo e. Bon Coeur/Caprimond E.H. Photo:
d. 05-03-2020 - 22:15

Today, 20 4-year old and older dressage stallions as well as 11 4-year and older showjumping stallions have been fully licensed in Danish Warmblood. This entitles them to take part in the competition and presentation classes that will be held in the coming days.

Danish Warmblood's breeding goals are: A refined, tall and supple riding horse with good rideability and health. It has the performance ability in either jumping or dressage and can perform internationally.

In recent years, stallions that may not quite meet the studbook's breeding goal in terms of refinement have been approved for breeding. However, a large part of the Danish Warmblood mares meet the requirements of refinement and expression entirely. Therefore, it makes sense to broaden the supply of stallions by including stallions possessing a high degree of functionality and a strong performance-pedigree, even though they do not fully meet the standards to type. This is precisely what is often made very clear at the licensing of the older stallions.

In 1987, the Danish Warmblood's first Breeding Plan came in a series of five preliminary plans that have since been used as work and management tools for the breeding committee and a guide for breeders. These plans have set the direction for horse breeding in Denmark, and now, a new Breeding Plan that extends until 2030 has just been launched.

The breeding plan is one of the studbook’s most important tools in the competition with the other studbooks. Every studbook is working to improve their product, and Danish Warmblood does not aim to just keep up with the standard, but preferably go above. The Breeding Plan should be considered as a template for which breeding measures are to focus on in the coming years. It is neither set in stone nor inflexible but can be adapted to changes. Being adaptable for change is a key competitive parameter.

Spokesperson Claus Hansen says: – The breeding is constantly evolving, and even though our studbook has a breeding goal, this needs to be adjusted continuously because new breeding knowledge and breeding tools, such as linear scoring and genomic selection, can optimize the breeding. In addition, new reproduction methods become available such as embryo transfer, ICSI, etc., which will place greater demands on the management of inbreeding.

– As a studbook, one must also consider that the sport is changing, and the horses we breed today are the horses that should reach the top level in 10 years. Thus, the breeding plan is the best bet for the necessary initiatives at this time, but a ten-year period is a long time, also in the horse breeding, where new initiatives can come and others go, he continues.

The overall breeding goal is still horses that can perform at international level, but the breeding goal can be adjusted, and the breeding committee is working towards a differentiated weighting of which features are most important. – When judging the walk of a horse we assess rhythm, ground-cover, suppleness and energy. Obviously, we would like to have all the qualities, but we attach more importance to rhythm and energy than ground-cover, because the horse can cover so much ground that the execution becomes slow and the walk loses its rhythm which is inappropriate if the goal is transition to piaffe and passage, says breeding adviser Karina Christiansen, and she continues:

– We want to avoid extreme breeding, and we will be at the forefront of our breeding work. We are beginning to see a tendency for horses that are very long-legged which can have a negative influence on their balance and the durability/longevity of the horse. Neither dressage nor jumping horses should be too raised in the neck and too short in the back, which can make them inflexible in the top line. We also appreciate horses with a small, noble and expressive head, but on the other hand the mouth should not become so small that there is no room for the double bridle.

Danish Warmblood is known for making an efficient selection, for being open to the supply of new blood and for being quick to readjust as well as provide knowledge and information to the breeders so that the greatest possible breeding progress is achieved.


Dressage stallions:


4-year olds

115 Atterupgaards Barcelo by Bon Coeur/Caprimond E.H., udstiller: Helgstrand Dressage ApS og Atterupgaard, Vodskov, opdr.: Kristine Munch Nielsen, Jystrup Midtsj. – fully licensed

116 Danciero by Dancier/Floriscount, udstiller: Helgstrand Dressage ApS og Paul Schockemöhle, Vodskov, opdr.: Z G Broers + Weber H. Broers og Joh. Weber, Tyskland – fully licensed

117 Duke by Dimaggio/Sir Donnerhall I, udstiller: Kristin Andresen og Equi Stallion, Boeslunde, opdr.: Dieter Hilz, Tyskland – fully licensed

118 Hesselhøj Downtown by Hesselhøj Donkey Boy/Blue Hors Zack, udstiller og opdr.: Dorthe og Hans Jørgen Hoeck, Nørre Aaby – fully licensed

119 Ambjergs Delgadino by Hesselhøj Donkey Boy/Blue Hors Don Romantic, udstiller: Ahlberg-Ringkær og Lynge Lorenzen, Vestbjerg, opdr.: Malene Clausen, Hadsund – fully licensed

120 Tophøjs Falchetto by Floriscount/Solos Landtinus, udstiller: Helgstrand Dressage og Stutteri Tophøj, Vodskov, opdr.: Anette Nilausen og Niels-Jørgen Johansen, Hobro – fully licensed

121 Fynch Hatton by Formel Eins/Sir Donnerhall I, udstiller: Helgstrand Dressage ApS, Vodskov, opdr.: Bernd og Ursula Ilting-Reuke, Tyskland – fully licensed

122 Fürst Highlight by Fürstenball/His Highness, udstiller: Helgstrand Dressage ApS og Søren Grønborg, Vodskov, opdr.: Thorsten Lang, Tyskland – fully licensed

123 Global Player by Grand Galaxy Win/Blue Hors Don Schufro, udstiller: Helgstrand Dressage ApS, HH Horses og Paul Schockemöhle, Vodskov, opdr.: HH Horses v/Henrik Hansen, Solrød Strand – fully licensed

124 Giovanni – Bell by Grand Galaxy Win/Blue Hors Don Romantic, udstiller: Helgstrand Dressage ApS og Sølyst Heste, Vodskov, opdr.: Tina og Nicolai Jepsen, Regstrup – fully licensed

125 Lord Europe by Lord Leatherdale/Boston, udstiller: Helgstrand Dressage ApS, Joop van Uytert og Paul Schockemöhle, Vodskov, opdr.: ZG Pleines Werner og Heike Pleines, Tyskland – fully licensed

126 Monterey by Morricone/Sir Donnerhall I, udstiller: HP Horses ApS og Paul Schockemöhle, Hillerød, opdr.: Gestüet Lewitz, Tyskland – fully licensed

127 Bøgegårdens Santiago Bernabéu by Bøgegårdens Santiago/Bøgegårdens Laurino, udstiller og opdr.: Stina og Jørgen Schmidt, Bolderslev – fully licensed

128 Vendóme by Veneno/Fidertanz, udstiller: Helgstrand Dressage ApS og Stutteri EVO, Vodskov, opdr.: Paul Paessens, Tyskland – fully licensed

129 Vivino by Vivaldi/Dancier, udstiller: Helgstrand Dressage ApS og Paul Schockemöhle, Vodskov, opdr.: Ulrike Buurman, Tyskland – fully licensed

130 Blue Hors Zackorado by Blue Hors Zack/Florencion I, udstiller: Blue Hors Aps, Randbøl, opdr.: Paul Rode, Tyskland – approved for testing and one year breeding approval 


5-year and older

150 Knock-Out by Expression/Ferro, udstiller: Helgstrand Dressage ApS, Vodskov, opdr.: SMC Bloem, Holland – fully licensed

152 Total Hope by Totilas/Blue Hors Don Schufro, udstiller: HP Horses og Paul Schockemöhle, Hillerød, opdr.: Christine Arns-Krogmann, Tyskland – færdigkåret

153 Vivaldi by Krack C/Jazz, udstiller: Blue Hors Aps, Randbøl, opdr.: A. Versantvoort, Holland – færdigkåret

68 Special Blend by Sezuan/Blue Hors Hotline, udstiller: Helgstrand Dressage ApS, Vodskov, opdr.: Hannelore Weber – approved for testing


Showjumping stallions


4-year olds

100 Cordento by Cornet Obolensky/Cardento, udstiller: Henrik Hansen, Solrød, opdr.: Fam. Camitz v/Linus Camitz, Glumsø – fully licensed

101 Cornet Senjor Ask by Cornettino Ask/Ci Ci Senjor Ask, udstiller og opdr.: Stutteri Ask A/S, Martofte – fully licensed

102 Bøgegårdens Gladiator by Bøgegården Gladiola/Crelido, udstiller og opdr.: Stina og Jørgen Schmidt, Bolderslev – fully licensed

103 Jewel Ask Z by Jaguar van Paemel/Diamant de Semilly, udstiller: Stutteri Ask A/S, Martofte, opdr.: Cavallini Stal, Belgien – fully licensed

104 Hecas Kantago by Kannan/Catoki, udstiller og opdr.: Familien Tschernja, Glumsø – fully licensed

105 Kammerherre Gårdens Sheik by Stakkato Gold/Carano, udstiller og opdr.: Fam. Kjærsgaard v/Jakob Fjord Kjærsgaard, Køge – fully licensed 5-year and older

140 Carojino by Caretino Gold/Corofino I, udstiller: Ib Kirk, Øster Assels, opdr.: R. Wijdeven, Holland – fully licensed

141 Quartel du Mazes by Mr. Blue/Surcouf de Revel, udstiller: Fam. Toelstang, Hedehusene, opdr.: Jocelyne Cuny Reveille, Frankrig – fully licensed

142 Elmegårdens Dakota by Bøgegårdens Dicapo/Catoki, udstiller: Maria og Tove Schnoor og Torben Frandsen, Gjerlev J, opdr.: Maria og Claus Schnoor, Bolderslev – fully licensed

143 Katrinelund Satisfaction by Sandro’s Adel/Crelido, udstiller: Birgit Hansen, Stouby, opdr.: Ib Kirk, Øster Assels – fully licensed

144 Quidman Denfer by Quidam de Revel/Cento, udstiller: Scanvet Animal Health A/S, Fredensborg, opdr.: Juergen Hattebuhr, Tyskland – fully licensed



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